Bimini must be the best place in the whole world to dive with Hammerhead sharks.
You ban dive with them all day long in water as shallow as 20 feet. The time to do it is end of November thru end of march. Then Hammers go on vacation until next November.

Tiger Beach is not really a beach, but shalower water in the middle of Atlantic 22 miles North of West End, Grand Bahama Island. In 30 feet of water we find Tiger sharks, Bull sharks, Reef sharks and plenty of Lemon sharks. Tiger Beach is considered to be the best place in the world for shark diving.

Meet Lady Emma, the biggest Tiger shark spotted in Tiger Beach. She is about 15 feet long girl.

On this morning dive we jumped in the water to meet 5 Tiger sharks, three Bull sharks, at least a doesen of Reef sharks and a hole bunch of Lemon sharks.

Lemon shark getting his teeth cleaned right under our boat.

Here's one of fine looking Bull sharks keeping a sharp eye on divers.

On every dive, every day at Tiget Beach we're accompanied by plenty of sharks on the bottom as well as plenty around the boat by the surface.

There's a special magical feeling when diving with sharks. One that perhaps can't be capture with words but can only be experienced by being there with them in the blue water of open ocean.